Measurement & Attribution

Events tracking and attribution are the critical drivers of ecommerce analysis.

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Events Tracking & Attribution
Correct analysis relies on a precise understanding of what you're tracking. If your team can’t translate web events (the language of machines) to marketing speak (conversions, sales, etc.) you have a problem.

The solution is simple – analytics engineers on every account do QA testing on tracking and answer simple questions in plain language.
Team Specific Dashboarding
We’re going to highlight the data your team can use. Event tracking and analysis is useless if it doesn’t drive meaningful business decisions.

This usually means starting with the most basic reporting and building the sophistication as your team makes use of more complex data.
As Simple or Complex as Needed
We work with out of the box tracking, 3rd party tools and our own in-house system for tracking conversions and LTV drivers.

Regardless of your choice for tracking and analytics, we’ll explain what’s being tracked and why it matters in simple straightforward language your team understands.

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