Influencer Whitelisting

The catch all term for using influencer distribution networks.

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Lower Your Costs
What’s become a catch all term also has specific implications, namely, using influencer accounts to run ads so you can use their data and audiences to drastically lower your advertising costs.

We also use what’s called “dark posting” where we run ads from influencers accounts (both brand ads and influencer content) without posting on the influencer’s accounts.
Increased Ads Performance
By giving brands and influencers many different ways to work together we are able to benefit from increased ads performance for accounts we work on while providing influencers with an outstanding opportunity to partner with some of the fastest growing DTC brands.
Relationships & Growth
Our whitelisting service includes working with any influencers your brand has pre-existing relationships with as well as introducing your brand to our ever growing ecosystem of influencers.

We also support and opportunities your team has for interviews, podcasts or mainstream media publications by working with those media outlets to get any content your team has access to edited and ready to run on any of the ads platforms we are operating on.

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