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Mara Labs approached us to scale their category creating sulforaphane product (Brocelite) along with their suite of products designed to support cellular health. Their goal for growth was to increase profitability and scale. You can see the initial product they wanted to grow here.

The difficulty in scaling this product was that sulforaphane was an important substance that many health consumers would benefit from but were unfamiliar with. To understand the benefits you need to understand the mechanics of how it works and why they need it in just the right amount.

Initial Account Takeover

When we initially took over the account they were operating at a terrible loss on all paid channels. They had not testing different messaging or positioning or any of the product bundling we’d regularly recommend (particularly with a multi SKU supplement brand).

We immediately started testing messaging designed to relate the use of the Sulforaphane product Brocelite with other supplements consumers would be familiar with. At the execution level we focused on 4 main lines of effort:

Project Focus

One of the largest challenges we faced when we took over the account was the lack of confidence the Mara Labs team had in their numbers. According to their platform data they were achieving a 0.35 ROAS. But, they weren’t confident in these numbers as they had no one qualified to perform quality assurance testing on their events tracking setup.


Regardless of the specific numbers used to optimize paid media they were confident that they weren’t profitable on a 90 day LTV basis (one of the KPIs their team determined would be critical for growth).


Starting with the goal of getting numbers the team would be confident in, we had one of our analytics engineers setup their events tracking, test events reception into our ads platforms and install a 3rd party attribution tool so the Mara Labs team would have a simple solution for their team to track their most important KPIs. (One source of truth)


We then started the important task of expanding creative and offer testing. Since they were only advertising Brocelite, this step required us to work with their team on creating offers. For multi-SKU supplement companies like Brocelite this almost always means easy trial offers, low blended COGS bundles and discounted subscription offers.


In addition to expanding offers and creatives being tested for those offers we started testing category specific influencers. We started with Red Arrow TV and Ben Greenfield. Weeks after starting with these influencers and our first set of creatives we were seeing a 1+ ROAS and were now seeing profitability with a 90 day LTV.


On top of that, we added in new creative styles and a higher converting landing page.
After months of testing, we tested a few other products and found Berbelite to be a higher converter then their hero product Brocelite.


This, paired with new podcast style video ads, lead to over a 1.5 ROAS leading to a 500% increase in performance over 5 months. And A 7x In DTC revenue over the first 12 months.

Working with the Mara Team

After working with Mara Labs, their team now has a clear idea of the types of creatives and offers that work for their products. Through our continued work with the team we’ve developed the channel specific playbooks that support ongoing value creation through their DTC paid acquisition.

While the team has continued to work with us, they are now equipped to take control of their paid acquisition pipeline with their enhanced understanding of product bundling and positioning for paid channels.

They are also in a better position to chart their own course as they are using simple standardized events tracking and reporting that their team can more easily understand.

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