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We’ve built a distribution network around consumer tech and consumer packaged goods that’s focused on health and wellness. Many of our success stories include:

What we do

You already have an amazing lineup of products.
We’ll help you package them in a way that resonates with audience members on specific channels you’re on.

A modern creative pipeline means high volumes of testing that "close the loop" on end-to-end creative feedback and production.

CRO is category specific. Make sure your CRO partner has hundreds of "comparables" so you're starting with playbooks of the highest converting landing pages for your category of product.

An ecosystem of influencers that allow you to find perfect matches for your specific products. That's the system that allows you to form a distribution network around your products to rapidly scale paid traffic.

Contribution margin and incremental profit are keys to successful growth. Let's get a system on place to move toward clarity on these KPIs.

Put your brand’s products in front of the right people with targeted paid media strategies.

Get hands-off consulting on customer acquisition and growth.

Just Some of Our Results

See how our clients have grown their brands with a measurable plan of action.

Just Some of Our Results

See how our clients have grown their brands with a measurable plan of action.

Supporting Nationwide Retail Expansion

Influencer recruiting and marketing in support of paid traffic acquisition focused on new customer acquisition to the Botanic Tonics online store. Supported Botanic Tonics nationwide retail growth through strategic use

Dairy Alternative Company Growing DTC Channels

When Elmhurst 1925 initially hired ATTN Labs their products were being sold in a limited number of physical retailers. They were convinced that they could do a large portion of sales online, using paid advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at what others have asked us about how we market for eCommerce companies.

What gets measured gets managed and for marketers this means per channel and blended acquisition costs over time and across different segments of your customer base.

ATTN Labs offers a wide range of services including Executive Consulting, Measurement and Attribution, Media Buying, Creative Strategy & Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Influencer Whitelisting to help businesses enhance their online presence and performance. For more information click here.

It’s no secret that paid acquisition is the fastest way to scale a company. But, if you do not have a plan for the customers you acquire your ad-spend will go to waste.

All the data in the world is useless if you don’t know what to do with it. Let’s work together to figure our which paid acquisition KPIs we need to track to move your business forward.

This is what the average growth team costs. That’s a serious impact on your payroll. We’ll absolutely get you better performance than hiring an in-house team for a fraction of the cost. We’ll also help you develop your playbooks so you know exactly what you need and who to hire as you transition away from outside help.

Making that a smooth process is an invaluable investment in your growth trajectory and valuation over time. We price on a case-by-case basis, depending on the services you’re needing (see below). If we’re working with you, we’ll likely provide the greatest return on investment.

Let our clients speak for themselves. Our testimonials and case studies provide the support for our claims on this site. With every account we are focused on the experience, the contribution margin, incremental profit and the increased valuation of your business over time.

We are replacing people with tools as quickly as possible. We’ve let team members know, our job is to get better at coordinating and leveraging the best tools to drive results with less people and at lower costs. If you’re wanting to incorporate the cost savings and scalability of AI tools into your marketing workflows our lean, highly leveraged service (using all the tools) will be a fit.

We don’t have founder led growth teams. We think we’ve figured out a pretty novel way to staff growth teams. Essentially we work with growth professionals on their terms, including staffing projects with people who are wanting to work with your category of products in your business model. There is no random staffing of projects or personnel working with rosters of accounts.

As mentioned above, we maintain a very lean team that’s highly leveraged by using a number of the best tools and partnered services to deliver the same output as a top tier in-house DTC growth team. We call this approach a “leveraged” service and it takes advantage of the best mix of tools and services available to anyone in the DTC growth space. Finally, you won’t work with any “account managers”. Everyone on our team who you’ll work with is a technical growth expert whose career has solely focused on customer acquisition.

We provide clarity through a range of performance metrics. Out “north star” KPIs are MER and 1 day click return on adspend. While there are many other measures we use, those two are great left and right limits to start with as 1 day click based return on adspend is a great way to measure the potential performance of paid advertising in the short term. MER or “Marketing-efficiency-ratio” which takes into account total marketing spend and total sales is a great way to see performance trends that account for lowering of CPAs due to hard to measure factors like word-of-mouth marketing. These two measures give you a starting point for measuring the impacts of brand and performance marketing. Finally, we also frequently use the CAC/LTV using a 60-120 day LTV as this accounts for many of the issues that can affect cash balances for companies trying to balance inventory and customer acquisition spend.

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